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untitled (2017)

untitled (2017)

spatial situation


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site-specifc installation (2019)

aluminium, stepper motors, microcontroller, wheel, LED light, wires

In the rearmost part of a large windowless room, the visitor first encounters pitch darkness and then approaches a dened cubical space with a ramp rising towards a heavy door. Through the gap between the door and the floor, a thin beam of light hits the side wall and crawls towards the viewer like a slowly advancing spear. On the back side of the door, there is a motorized wheel that moves in a half-circle. Its path is programmed so that a LED light which is mounted on it, throws a beam of light through the gap of the door to the other side. Different ways of approaching the ledge on the other side are created. Hesitantly, the beam approaches a point where the wall sits back a few centimeters over a vertical edge. When it finally reaches and crosses it, its tip appears to be breaking. As in shock by its experience, it abruptly crawls back below the crack of the door. Because of the precise choreography of its movement, the light beam suggests an aliveness that enables an empathic relationship between spectator and object.