video 1

untitled (2017)


installation, (2017)

object: pvc tube, stepper motors, transmission, microcontroller, steel, rechargeable battery pack
case: server rack monitors, raspberry pi, multiplex, aluminium, foam, straps
videos: 28 min loop, hd

the object can be deconstructed and stored in a customized hardcase. it is programmed in a loop of 07:20 minutes. the initial programmed movement ends and begins at the same point in the same position. due to the material behaviour of the tube, irregularities cause completely new shapes. sometimes a point is reached where the tension becomes too strong and the engines lose step. each loop therefore changes the original choreography by unpredictable 'errors'.

video 1
the video above shows a split screen of two loops of the program taken in one single shot. the top video shows the first loop (00:00 min - 07:18 min), the bottom video shows the second loop (07:18 min - 14:36 min). motor movements are simultaneous, the materials shape changes.

the server monitors built into the hardcase show the video from the environment (2016) besides a documentative video of the environmental object. as a 'control-desk' placed infront of the kinetic object, the installation refers to relations like (dj)/dancer, (interrogator)/interviewee, (jury)/applicant.